Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (2024)

Campus Life

Cat H.

little reveal, sorority, big little reveal

Campus Life

Cat H.

little reveal, sorority, big little reveal

Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (1)

Cosmo and Wanda. Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Graham Cracker. Matching Pajamas.

Big Little Reveal celebrates creativity, thoughtfulness, and sisterhood. In this tradition, the big sister showcases love and support for her little sister(s) by creating a sense of belonging and memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some ideas for Big Little Reveals.

Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (2)

Stealing The Show

Movie and TV characters are a great idea, especially if that is something you have bonded over. If you both love a movie or show, there’s your costume idea!

Sign ideas could include a quote from the show and their name! Here are some examples.

  • Friends you could say, “Little’s name, I’ll be there for you.”

  • New Girl: “Who’s that little… It’s little’s name.

  • Mean Girls: “My little is so fetch”

  • Hannah Montana: “Little’s name, you’ll always find your way back home”

  • Top Gun: “Found my wingman”

  • Gossip Girl: “Little’s name, you know you love me…”

  • Suite Life on Deck: “The Suite Life of little and big’s name

  • Toy Story: “You got a friend in me”

  • Keeping Up with The Kardashians: “Keeping up with little and big’s name

Twinning Is Winning

Finding matching costumes with your little makes it easy to identify. The costume can be a favorite color, sport, activity, or anything you share in common. Twinning is also nice because you just buy two of the same costume.

You can also play with puns in this idea.

  • “Just scored the best little” (dressed in sports uniform like a cheerleader or ref).

  • “Howdy little’s name” (dressed as cowgirls).

  • “My little is so sweet” (Dressed like candy/ colorful have their favorite candy with you).

  • “My little sunshine” (Wear yellow and sunglasses).

  • “Miss Little goes to…little’s name” (Pageant outfit and sashes).

Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (4)

Cute And Comfortable

Pajamas are the perfect option for cute and comfortable. With this outfit, you can invite your little over for a cute movie night and sleepover! This is a safe option if you do not know your little that well. It can give you the opportunity to get to know them and make great memories!

  • Little’s name is what dreams are made of.”

  • Little’s name is a dream come true.”

  • “You are the little of my dreams.”

  • Little’s name, I’ve been dreaming big, 'cause you’re the best little.”

Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (5)

Have Fun With Puns

Making a pun can allow for freedom and fun. You can do any costume, really, and make the sign funny.

  • “Going bananas for my little” (Monkey and banana costume).

  • Little’s name is out of this world” (Alien or astronaut costume).

  • Little’s name is the freshest little” (soap and loofa costume or blue boas).

  • Little’s name, you’ve got good genes” (great for big families since everyone can wear jeans).

  • “You’re the chick for me” (Chick-fil-A and cow costume).

There are many ways to make your big little reveal personal, fun, and cute. Big little reveal is a time to make great memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope these ideas help and…

Be Well, Auburn

Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (6)

Cat H.


Cat was born in Georgia but moved a lot as a child. From North Carolina to Florida, she has been all over the south. Cat can confidently say she has found her home in Auburn. Now a junior, she is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Crop Soil Sciences.

She has a passion for social media and environmental science and hopes to combine both her passions in her career one day. Outside of class, Cat loves trying new foods, going on long walks, and binge watching New Girl with her roomie. She is also on the club swim team and spends her afternoons practicing. Cat is so excited for the rest of her time at Auburn and hopes to spend it as best she can!

Sorority Big Little Reveal Ideas — Be Well (2024)


How do sororities do big little reveal? ›

Many sororities have a reveal theme, where Bigs and Littles dress up according to a specific theme or costume. Some chapters organize scavenger hunts, where Littles have to follow clues to find their Bigs. Reveal Day often includes a special ceremony or event where Bigs are finally revealed to their Littles.

How to do big little reveals? ›

Scavenger Hunt: Send the Little on a fun scavenger hunt with clues leading to her Big. Matching T-Shirts: Wear shirts with a puzzle piece or half a quote that completes when paired together. Box of Balloons: The Little opens a box filled with helium balloons that float out, revealing her Big's name.

What makes a good big in a sorority? ›

It's important to choose a sister who will be there for you, support you, and keep their commitments. Trust is essential in building strong relationships within the sorority family. Having a Big or Little who is trustworthy means that they will respect your privacy, keep your secrets safe, and always have your back.

Why do I want a little in a sorority? ›

The new member who receives a big sister is often called a “l*ttle sister” or “l*ttle” for short. The purpose of this relationship is to give you someone you know you can go to with questions and who will help ease your transition into college and sorority life.

What happens during Big Little Reveal? ›

The big little reveal is a special event where the littles find out who their bigs are, and it is usually a festive and exciting occasion. Make sure to take as many photos as you can, not only is it a perfect instagram photo opportunity. It's an event you'll remember forever.

What is the fastest growing sorority? ›

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. is the largest and fastest growing multicultural sorority in the nation.

What is the big little process in a sorority? ›

The potential Bigs receive a survey to vote on their potential Littles. Then, a member in the sorority tries her best to match you to your #1 choice. After the voting process, the sorority will host a Big and Little reveal. At this event, you will meet your Big.

What does big and little mean in sororities? ›

So for those who know nothing about Greek Life (don't worry, that was me a year ago) every sorority has Bigs and Littles. Basically, every new member is a Little and gets a Big, who is someone a year older than them to show them the ropes and hang with a ton. You also then join a family with a Grandbig (like Eileen).

What is a big little relationship in Greek life? ›

In addition to attending their first formals and social events, one beloved tradition of joining a Greek organization is getting a “big” — typically an older member of the house who is a designated mentor and friend to a new member, or “l*ttle.”

Do sororities care about looks? ›

Stereotypically, sorority rush and sorority culture place great emphasis on beauty ideals. Some sororities use physical appearance to decide whether someone qualifies for membership due to sorority members having a short window to meet and converse with potential new members.

How does a sorority choose you? ›

The voting process for the sororities can vary depending on the campus and the sorority. Two main methods usually take place: Chapter Vote: A chapter vote is when everyone in the sorority has a say in potential new members. Your name will come up, and everyone will vote on whether or not to invite you back.

What are the responsibilities of a big little? ›

Being a Big involves being a mentor, role model, guide, and support system for their Little sister. Littles have responsibilities too; they look up to their Bigs for guidance, actively participate in sorority activities, ask questions, listen attentively.

What do sororities look for in a girl? ›

SCHOLARSHIP IS ALWAYS A MAJOR PRIORITY AMONG SORORITIES. COMPATIBILITY: Sororities are based upon friendship, congeniality, and mutual ideals. The ability to get along with others and the enjoyment of being with people of diverse personalities are desirable qualities.

What does a big and little mean in a sorority? ›

Bigs and Littles are key parts in a sorority. A Big is an older girl who has been in the sorority for some time. She takes on the role of a mentor to a Little. The Little is new to the sorority. This system helps new girls learn about Greek life from ones with more experience.

How do bigs and littles work in frats? ›

Line/Lineage: A descending/ascending tradition of big brothers/sisters and little brothers/sisters that connect alumni with current members within a specific Greek organization. Little: Short for “l*ttle brother/sister” - a new member who is being mentored by an older member of their organization.

How do sororities pick who they want? ›

The rounds of sorority recruitment typically operate on a mutual selection process. The PNMs have to choose what sororities they would like to visit for future rush events and sororities choose what PNMs they would like to see continue in the recruitment process.

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