My Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe (low FODMAP, dairy free) (2024)

That’s right, I have unashamedly stole my Mum’s lasagna recipe and I’m now passing it off as my own. I guess I gave her credit in the title… sort of? Well I did make it gluten free and low FODMAP, so I guess I’m allowed to say… here’s my gluten free lasagna recipe!

Sorry Mum. My Mum has been making this lasagna recipe probably for over 20 years, but for at least 8 of those, I haven’t been able to eat it. So I thought it was about time that I made my own gluten free lasagna recipe!

(by totally ripping her’s off and taking the credit of course.)

This is one of those recipes that my aunt would always ask my Mum to make when they came over to stay. It’s the recipe she’d make and freeze so my bro and I wouldn’t starve when they went on holiday.

Plus, when Mark first started coming over to my parents house for dinner (you know, those awkward ‘meet the parents’ dinners) she would always make one of these too!

It’s about time that Mark and I could eat it again!

So how is mine different? Well, in all fairness, it is actually quite different! My gluten free lasagna recipe obviously uses gluten free lasagna sheets, it’s totally dairy free and it’s low FODMAP too.

Plus I like to put in a little finely diced courgette which works so well with the chunky texture of the chopped tomatoes.

But other than that enormous list of changes, it’s exactly the same, I swear!

It was actually just the other day that I opened up a book we hadn’t touched in years and my Mum’s handwritten lasagna recipe was hiding in there as a makeshift bookmark.

I think she had must of given it to me when I was at Uni but obviously I was much too useless at cooking to actually succeed at making it, let alone making it gluten free!

Fortunately and many years later, I finally managed it and it was everything I remember and more!

It has such a beautiful, thick and creamy white sauce with chunky tomatoes, courgettes, rich beef and a crispy top. Now I might be totally biased and I don’t care – but you just can’t beat this lasagna!

Here’s how to make my gluten free lasagna recipe…

My Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe (low FODMAP, dairy free) (6)

My Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe (low FODMAP, dairy free)

Say hello to my gluten free lasagna recipe that's low FODMAP and optionally dairy free too! It's so easy to make at home and this recipe is super easy to follow.



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For the ragu

  • 750g beef mince
  • 2 courgettes chopped into chunks
  • garlic infused oil if low FODMAP ensure the oil is clear without bits
  • 2 tins of chopped tomatoes approx 400g tins
  • 2 tbsp tomato purée
  • 1 tsp basil purée or dried/fresh basil if you prefer
  • 1 tbsp mixed herbs
  • tsp dried chives
  • salt and pepper

For the cheesey white sauce

  • 50g butter dairy free spread or lactose free butter if needed
  • 50g gluten free plain flour
  • 750g milk dairy free or lactose free milk if needed
  • 2 tsp wholegrain mustard optional
  • 75g cheddar cheese grated (dairy free or lactose free cheese if needed)
  • salt and pepper

For the lasanga

  • 1 packet for gluten free lasanga sheets
  • 100g cheese grated (dairy free or lactose free cheese if needed)
  • fresh chives


  • Fry your chopped courgette in some garlic infused oil until a little softened.

  • Add your beef mince and allow to brown.

  • Add your two tins of chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, basil purée, mixed herbs, dried chives, salt and pepper.

  • Simmer until slightly reduced but still with plenty of sauce. (I only do this whilst I make my white sauce)

  • To make your white sauce add your butter, flour and milk to a saucepan. Heat and continuously stir until it thickens. Don't expect it to thicken super quickly - have patience and it will be lovely, smooth and glossy!

  • Remove your sauce from the heat and stir in your mustard and grated cheese, which will melt into the sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

  • Construct your lasanga. Place about a third of your ragu in the bottom of your dish. Then spoon a little less than a third of your white sauce on top. Then place your first layer of lasanga sheets on.

  • 8) Repeat the previous step!

  • For your final layer, place the remaining ragu on top, followed by the rest of the white sauce (you should have slightly more for the top layer - no worries if you are reading this and don't!!)

  • Spinkle your grated cheese on the very top.

  • Place in the oven and cook for around 45 minutes at 180C until the top is golden.

  • Sprinkle some freshly chopped chives on top and serve up with some salad. Enjoy!


If you can tolerate onions and garlic I'd recommend chopping some up and putting them in when you add your courgette.
One eighth of this lasagna is a low FODMAP portion size.

Thanks for reading how to make my gluten free lasagna recipe!If you make it, I’d love to see how it turns out. So absolutely make sure that you send me a pic using my social media links below…

Any questions about the recipe? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram!

Thanks for reading,

Becky xxx

Oh and don’t forget to pin this for later!

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My Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe (low FODMAP, dairy free) (10)
Gluten-Free Recipe

My Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe (low FODMAP, dairy free) (2024)


Is FODMAP gluten and dairy free? ›

FODMAPs are in foods, but they can be in medications, supplements, and probiotics, too. Yes, the very things you're taking to make the IBS go away may be making it worse. While the diet is mostly gluten-free, small amounts of gluten are allowed, so even some FODMAP friendly lists may contain foods you can't eat.

Can you eat gluten-free pasta on a low Fodmap diet? ›

Pasta made with gluten-free types of flour, for example, may be a low-FODMAP choice. Gluten-free pasta made from rice, corn, quinoa, or chickpeas is generally low-FODMAP in moderate servings.

Is Barilla gluten-free pasta low FODMAP? ›

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta is low FODMAP by ingredient and tastes pretty good too. Make sure you avoid any gluten-free pastas made with soy flour or lupin flour while in the elimination phase.

What kind of pasta is FODMAP friendly? ›

Low FODMAP Pasta Brands

Barilla — This one is pretty easy to find in your regular grocery store. It's made mostly of corn and rice flour and has a pretty good taste and texture. Ronzoni — Their gluten free pasta is made from rice, corn, and quinoa.

What is a gluten and dairy free diet called? ›

It has become known as the “anti-inflammatory diet” in some circles because a common cause for going both gluten and dairy free is digestive inflammation or discomfort. This can seem like the ultimate double-whammy of diet plans, but never fear!

Does gluten-free and dairy free help IBS? ›

Some people find that avoiding specific triggers like dairy, fried food, and gluten helps reduce irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may notice that certain foods trigger uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

Is peanut butter high in FODMAP? ›

Peanut Butter is Low in FODMAPS

While almonds, cashews, and pistachios are fairly high in FODMAPs, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts are considered low FODMAP foods. This is because peanuts are technically part of the legume family, they're safe for a low FODMAP diet.

Is oatmeal OK for low FODMAP? ›

Oats can be a low FODMAP breakfast option during the low FODMAP phase. If you choose rolled oats, start with a ½ cup serving size and then test your tolerance level. If you want instant oats use a ¼ cup serving size, and mix them with rice flakes or quinoa flakes for a larger hot breakfast.

Are tomatoes high in FODMAP? ›

Let's take a look at the FODMAP friendly amounts in fresh tomatoes: Common tomato - these are often found all year round and are a staple ingredient in many households. Half a small tomato (65g) is considered low FODMAP, but once you hit over 75g, they do become moderate to high FODMAP.

What brand of mayonnaise is low FODMAP? ›

Here are some low FODMAP mayonnaise brands to check out: Sir Kensington's Classic Mayonnaise. Primal Kitchen Real Mayonnaise With Avocado Oil. Chosen Foods Classic Mayo.

Is mayonnaise OK on low FODMAP? ›

Commercially prepared mayonnaise is low FODMAP. The main ingredients for mayonnaise are from egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, vegetable oil or olive oil and some times seasoning. Just check that your mayonnaise does not include onion or garlic powder.

What spaghetti sauce is low FODMAP? ›

FODY Foods Low FODMAP Arrabbiata Sauce (certified) FODY Foods Low FODMAP Vegan Bolognese Sauce (certified) Prego Sensitive Recipe Traditional Italian Sauce (certified) Rao's Homemade Sensitive Formula Marinara Sauce.

What cheese is low FODMAP? ›

Aged cheeses include Cheddar, Camembert, Cheshire, Pecorino Style, Swiss, Brie, Blue Cheese, Havarti, or Parmesan. These are low FODMAP cheese options and they are normally well tolerated by people with lactose intolerance.

Is pizza OK on FODMAP diet? ›

Although traditional pizza is not low FODMAP, there are some shop bought options which have been modified to be suitable. Store-bought low FODMAP pizzas offer a convenient and delicious option for you whilst following a low FODMAP diet.

Is FODMAP Dairy free? ›

People on the Low-FODMAP Diet are only limiting lactose, not going dairy-free. Dairy-free items are derived from nuts or plants and while they do not contain lactose, they also do not contain the same nutrients as lactose-free dairy foods.

Does FODMAP include dairy? ›

In general, hard cheeses are Low FODMAP, while other dairy products made from cow's milk (ice cream, cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream etc.) are high FODMAP, unless you find specific substitutes like FODMAP yogurt.

Can FODMAP eat dairy? ›

Lactose is the natural carbohydrate, or sugar molecule, present in cow's milk, and is high FODMAP. Since some dairy products, like cheese and butter only contain trace amounts of carbohydrates, they are considered naturally low FODMAP. Traditional Greek yoghurt that is strained is also naturally low FODMAP.

Why am I suddenly sensitive to FODMAPs? ›

There are many “mediating factors” which affect your personal experience of consuming FODMAPs, ranging from other components in foods, to stress and anxiety, to medications, to which microbes are currently residing in your large and small intestines and which substances they are producing.

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