17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (2024)

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (1)

I don’t know if you have ever tried to make rice bowl recipes before, but they’re my favorite if I don’t know what to make for lunch or dinner. I mean, they’re so easy to make and it’s quite satisfying to look at a bowl of rice topped with veggies and protein (my favorites are fish, fried egg, and chicken breast!)

Rice bowls make perfect options if you’re looking for easy healthy meals that won’t leave you feeling hungry afterward. You can also customize them based on what you have on hand, so it saves you a trip to the store.

With these 17 rice bowl recipes that taste so good, I know you’ll find delicious options to make and get creative making them. Don’t forget to pin your favorites!

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes

1. Bacon, Broccoli, and Egg Rice Bowl

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (2)

Are you a bacon lover? If yes, then you need to try this. The broccoli is cooked with leftover bacon fat and simmered with soy sauce and sesame oil. The bacon, broccoli, and its sauce are then added to the rice, stir until combined, and then top with a fried egg. Yum Yum Yum! This delicious easy rice bowl will be your new addition. (Via Sidewalk Shoes)

2. Avocado Salmon Rice Bowl

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (3)

Salmon fillets roasted in honey, lime, and cilantro glaze with fresh cilantro avocado on top, and don’t forget the slightly sweet lime rice. This rice bowl recipe is the definition of an easy, delicious, and healthy meal. (Via Will Cook For Smiles)

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3. Thai Peanut Veggie Rice Bowls

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (4)

Look at this yummy bowl filled with colorful veggies. This recipe is easy to customize, you can add your favorite veggies or just use whatever veggies you have in your fridge. Want to know the secret that makes this recipe more delicious? The Thai peanut sauce! (Via Forks and Folly)

4. Vietnamese Caramelised Pork Bowls

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (5)

The picture above even already describes how delicious this bowl is. The main ingredient is ground pork which is caramelised so they turn into those delicious golden brown bits. This also works with chicken or turkey if you’re not a fan of pork. In just 20 minutes you can turn simple ingredients into a delicious meal. (Via Recipetin Eats)

5. Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (6)

You don’t need to order takeout food anymore with this teriyaki chicken rice bowl recipe on hand. Boneless chicken breast, low-sodium soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, ginger, light brown sugar, and cornstarch are ingredients that you need to make this easy, sweet, and garlicky chicken. (Via Crunchy Creamy Sweet)

6. Teriyaki Tofu

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (7)

If you’re a vegan, a good alternative for teriyaki chicken is this teriyaki tofu. It’s pretty simple to make, you just need to cut the firm tofu into cubes, dredge them in cornstarch, then fry them in a pan and toss them in a homemade teriyaki sauce, and serve over steamed rice. (Via The Woks Of Life)

7. Maple Balsamic Tempeh Bowls with Pumpkin Rice

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (8)

Do you love tempeh as I do? By just looking at the picture I bet that tempeh tastes so good and I even want to make this! The tempeh is marinated in a maple balsamic glaze for a few hours so the tempeh has a sweet and savory taste.

Another mind-blowing thing about this rice bowl is the pumpkin rice. So creamy and delicious. (Via Eating Bird Food)

8. Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (9)

Ground beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, and ginger are basically what you need and they make a perfect combination. Serve it over rice to make it more delicious and you can even add some veggies to make it more healthy. (Via The Recipe Critic)

9. Glazed Hoisin Meatball Bowls

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (10)

The meatballs are glazed with a simple mixture of soy sauce and Hoisin sauce, then roasted with carrots until tender and serve over garlic ginger rice or brown rice to make this dish even healthier. These meatball bowls are great for meal prep. (Via The Creative Bite)

10. Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl)

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (11)

Oyakodon is one of the popular rice bowl recipes in Japan. This recipe is quick, easy, and just need one pan, and also a great dish for beginner because it’s easy to master especially if you have a teenager at home. It would be their kind of survival meal. (Via Just One Cookbook)

11. Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (12)

Nasi goreng is fried rice from Indonesia. With the addition of fish sauce, tamarind, shrimp paste, and other ingredients, this fried rice taste more flavorful than regular fried rice.

Traditionally, nasi goreng is served with a few slices of fresh cucumber and tomato and also topped with a crispy sides fried egg. Very delicious street food that you can make at home. (Via Kitchen Sanctuary)

12. Sausages Veggies Rice Bowls

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (13)

Want to make a hassle-free lunch or dinner? This sausage veggies rice bowl is the best option. Basically, all you do is sauté the sausage until crispy and cooked, chop your veggies and cook the rice. So easy! (Via Peas and Crayons)

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13. Steak Fajita Bowls with Garlic Lime Rice

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (14)

The steak is marinated in pineapple juice, lime juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and seasoning before cooking on a cast iron skillet. Serve over garlic-lime rice. You can also add toppings that you like. Perfect if you have lots of leftover steaks, grilled corn, and peppers. (Via Little Spice Jar)

14. Philadelphia Roll Sushi Bowl

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (15)

Instead of eating a whole bunch of little pieces of sushi rolls why not just make it at home and eat them in a big bowl? If you are so in love with sushi, especially Philadelphia roll sushi, then this recipe is for you.

With a handful of ingredients and in just 40 minutes, you’ve got yourself a delicious, flavorful big bowl of sushi without the hassle of rolling it! (Via Far From Normal)

15. Sardine Rice Bowl

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (16)

Are you looking for a budget-friendly, quick, delicious, and nutritious rice bowl? Let me introduce you to this sardine rice bowl. Can you imagine that you just need 4 ingredients to make this, which are a can of sardines, red pepper flakes, cooked rice, and an egg? Well, what are you waiting for? Grab the can of sardine and make this recipe now. (Via Kitchen Gidget)

16. Katsudon (Japanese Pork Cutlet and Egg Rice Bowl)

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (17)

Another Japanese popular rice bowl that you need to try. Katsu (a pork chop breaded with panko and fried) is the main ingredient in this dish. Once you made this recipe you will get the crispy pork with a slightly sweet mixture of egg and onion over steamed cook rice. Delish! (Via The Woks Of Life)

17. Fish Taco Bowl with Chipotle Lime Mayo Sauce

17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (18)

If you’re trying to incorporate fish into your diet, this taco fish bowl will be your new rotation. Filled with white fish fillet with taco seasoning, red cabbage, fresh mango salsa, chipotle lime mayo, and cilantro lime cauliflower rice, this recipe is so healthy and perfect if you’re eating low-carb meals. (Via Not Enough Cinnamon)

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17 Tasty Rice Bowl Recipes You Should Try Now - Porculine (2024)


What kind of rice is used for rice bowls? ›

You can put almost anything into a rice bowl, however for best results, you should try to include the following key components. Grains: Firstly, you will need a grain base, this can be anything from simple white rice to basmati rice all the way to yellow rice.

What is a rice bowl called in Japan? ›

Donburi (丼, literally "bowl", also abbreviated to "-don" as a suffix, less commonly spelled "domburi") is a Japanese "rice-bowl dish" consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice.

What is a Chinese rice bowl called? ›

Chukadon (中華丼) literally means “Chinese style Rice Bowl” in Japanese. It's a donburi (don for short) that consists of stir-fried ingredients served over rice. It is believed that chukadon originated in the 1930s from a Chinese-style restaurant in Tokyo.

Should rice bowls be warm or cold? ›

And best of all, they can be super colorful and full of good and healthy ingredients. Another plus? They are delicious served warm or cold, which also makes them great as meal prep for lunches through the week.

How much rice do you put in a rice bowl? ›

Rule 1: The Rice Rules

This means that you want a good amount of rice in the bowl—about a cup and a half of cooked rice per serving—and it also means that you want to cook the rice well (take a look at my rice cooker review, which is the easiest way to get consistently great rice with no effort).

What is a rice bowl slang? ›

rice bowl (plural rice bowls) A small bowl from which rice is eaten. A region that produces abundant rice. A person's livelihood or source of income. (slang) A jealously defended institutional resource such as a program, project, or budget.

What is a kobachi bowl? ›

Kobachi is a small bowl with a diameter of less than 12 cm (5 inches). They are suitable for serving homemade dressings, dipping sauces, appetizers, and in Japanese cuisine, small items with a simple flavor such as Japanese pickles called “Sunomono", or boiled beans.

What does katsu mean? ›

Meaning of katsu in English

a Japanese dish consisting of a piece of meat, usually chicken, or vegetable, covered in bread crumbs, fried, then usually cut into strips and eaten with a sauce: One of my favorite dishes growing up, chicken katsu is basically the Japanese version of fried chicken.

Why do you boil water before adding rice? ›

Bring water to a boil before adding it to the rice.

Meanwhile, bring 2 parts of water to a boil. Pouring already boiling water on top of the rice helps control the exact amount of water you're adding, something that's important for basmati and jasmine rice because they're on the starchy side and can end up gummy.

What is a Japanese bowl? ›

Bowl is called "Wan" or "Owan" in Japan, and refers to a category of tableware that is deep in depth. In particular, Wan is designed to be lightweight because it is meant to be lifted with one hand, whereas a bowl that is not lifted but left on the table is called “Hachi”.

What is a Hong bowl? ›

Hong bowls were basically grand souvenirs. Ship captains and supercargoes ordered punch bowls to commemorate their voyages, the vibrant exterior decoration depicting the Hongs, each flying the flag of its respective country.

Why is it called a Buddha bowl? ›

It may originate from presenting a balanced meal, where balance is a key Buddhist concept, from the story of Buddha carrying his food bowl to fill it with whatever bits of food villagers would offer him, to the explanation of the overstuffed bowl resembling the belly of Budai, a 10th-century Chinese monk often confused ...

What are rice bowls made of? ›

Rice bowls are made from a variety of materials, from porcelain to camphor, and bear the stylistic preferences of their individual creators. But whilst they come in many different styles, often dictated by the region in Japan in which they're made, they do have some defining characteristics.

Which rice is best for rice? ›

4 of the healthiest types of rice
  1. Brown rice. Whole grain rice such as brown rice is less processed and refined than white rice. ...
  2. Black rice. Black rice is sometimes referred to as forbidden rice, as it was reserved for royalty in China in ancient times. ...
  3. Red rice. ...
  4. Wild rice.
Aug 2, 2022

What kind of rice should I use? ›

Long-grain rice is skinnier and has less starch, so it comes out light and fluffy. It's great as a side dish or when you need a rice that holds its shape well, like in gumbo. Medium-grain isn't as long as long-grain or as sticky as short, making it the perfect in-between.

What is the best rice for Chinese rice? ›

Medium-grain white rice: The variety you'll most commonly see in Chinese restaurants. Like jasmine, medium rice grains boast a great balance: They're strong individuals, but also good team players.

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